The Daily Prophet

Ministry of Magic Recruiting For Defense Against The Dark Arts Dept.

Seeing the rise in dark magic practices throughout the country, the minister summoned a meeting to take major steps in this matter. The magical world hasn't been completely out of the trauma they experienced during the time of Voldemort. So, any dark activity that happens triggers panic attacks in witches and wizards suffering from depression.

The current Minister of Magic, Hermoine Granger has ordered to take strict actions against suspicious practices in London. Following are the set of rules that will be in effect from Monday:

- Books of Dark magic categorized in the restricted section will only be provided by the permission of Aurors.

- Suspected people will be required to submit their wands to check the spells used in the previous week.

- Any witch or wizard found with someone else's wand will be under immediate custody and the owner of the wand will be interrogated as well.

- More dementors will be assigned to the prison of Azkban to ensure the saftey of muggles and wizards alike.